cView 12.23

cView allows you to view, print and export your Crystal Reports
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Updating report data requires the PC to access the report's database, usually through ODBC. cView fully supports the use of report parameters and can log in to secure databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.

The full version of cView allows modification of print settings and display settings. The latest release also allows changing of report file locations for data file based reports using FoxPro, Btrieve, or Access so that the same report may be run with different data sets.

Main Features:

-View reports with Saved Data, including reports scheduled with cViewMANAGER or cViewSERVER.
-Refresh the report from the database for up-to-the-minute data.
-Refresh reports with full support for report parameters.
-Print reports.
-Export reports to PDF, Word, Excel, and other formats.
-Filter data in reports using a Crystal Record Selection Formula.
-Run the same report with different sets of data (file based reports using FoxPro, Btrieve, or Access).

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